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Knee Walker Testimonials


“First I want to thank you for all you did for me while renting the Knee Walker. Your kindness and diligence could not have been more well-received.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.  But alas, I must return the knee scooter.  After six long weeks of non-weight bearing rehab, post-surgery I must say goodbye to the bicep and shoulder saver.  I would not have made it 2 weeks with just crutches.  That thing rocks! Thanks again for all of your help.”

— Rob, Shoreline, WA

“Thanks so much for shipping my Knee Walker early. After 12 hours using crutches, I was about done in. Great customer service! Thanks again…I’m getting around so much better!”

— Susie, Mukilteo, WA

“Thank you. Surgery went well and the Knee Walker was waiting for me when I got home. IT IS AWESOME! I love this scooter! Thanks for the great service.”

— Joe & Colleen, Snohomish, WA

“I used the Walker for about eight weeks, and after starting out with crutches, I really came to appreciate how much easier it was to get around both outdoors and around the house. I have no doubt that it helped in the healing process. I highly recommend this product.”

— Craig, Vancouver WA

“The Walker is Fabulous! After being on crutches for weeks several times the last few years, I am thrilled to have another option to move around and give my arms a rest. Getting better and better 🙂 Thanks for all of your help!”

— Alea, Woodinville WA

“I was able to get twice as much done at work with my Walker (instead of using crutches). It really helped.”

— Monica, Portland OR

“I recently broke several bones in my foot. Mobility was a huge issue for me, as crutches proved to be unwieldy and clumsy. Several knee Walkers I tried were either heavy and difficult to maneuver or small and unstable. I had heard about the Cruzer and decided to give it a try. This Knee scooter was such a treat to use and made getting around the house and even to the store suddenly possible and even fun! I would recommend the scooter to anyone who is going to have foot or ankle surgery, or who suffers from a break like I did. Thanks for everything!”

— J. Tallman, Lake Oswego OR

“ I would like to personally thank you again for your assistance in providing me with the Walker following my recent leg surgery. Your professionalism and care were so very much appreciated! Never in a million years would my family and I have anticipated how incredibly valuable, and frankly, imperative the “Cruzer” is to an individual recovering from a non-weight bearing surgical procedure. Our experience would have had a very different outcome if I had tried to use/rely on the safety of crutches. Thanks for everything!”

— Linda B.

“I’ve had multiple operations and the Walker is the coolest thing since sliced bread! It is so easy to use and it is so much better than crutches that there is simply no comparison!”

— Mark, Puyallup WA

“Saved my life…I don’t know what I would have done without it.”

— Cecily, Portland OR

“You guys are so awesome, Johnny couldn’t be happier. He’s already been outside with his pitching wedges and able to practice golf 🙂 and he’s cooked dinner! Something he hasn’t done since pre-surgery. We can’t thank you enough.”

— Chelsye, Kona, Hawaii

“It has been enormously useful and certainly a giant leap over crutches once I got used to it. It now feels odd to go to the market without it, but I am glad to be on both my feet again. I think the imaginary odometer would show at least a hundred miles.”

— Suzanne, Bainbridge Island, WA

“Thank you, Mike. You provide a great service.”

— Sondre, Vancouver WA

“What a great product, I have 4 kids and it was a lifesaver to get around while my broken foot was healing!”

— Sabrina, Duvall, WA